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TV and Radio Reports and Programmes
Links in this section take you to the web pages for TV and Radio items
relevant to the incineration issue. From there you can follow links to replay the item.

Ringaskiddy set to get waste incinerator
Paul Cunningham, Environment Correspondent, reports that An Bord Pleanála has indicated a planned municipal waste-to-energy plant is unlikely to happen.
RTE - Six-One News - 22-01-10

Meath Incinerator work to start next month.
Indaver Ireland are to start work next month on the Meath Incinerator. Work on the two Ringaskiddy incinerators due to begin in two and a half years.
RTE - Morning Ireland - 02-07-08

Gormley plan may undermine incineration
Minister for the Environment, John Gormley, has accepted that his new proposals on waste may financially undermine plans for incineration in Ireland.
RTE - Morning Ireland, News at One, Six-One-News etc.

Environmental Democracy - The Public's Right to Protect the Environment and Their Health
Online talk by Michael Ewing, Senior Researcher, Centre for Sustainability, Institute of Technology, Sligo.

Excess landfill causes concerns for incinerator companies
Indaver concerned that excess landfill in Ireland will make incinerator facilities uneconomical to develop.
RTE Six-One News - 06-07-06 - "Ireland may not reach recycling targets"

New EPA Advisory Board (audio link)
Pat Kenny discusses the make-up of the new EPA Advisory Board with Jack O'Sullivan. (Discussion begins 20 mins into the programme.)

Prime Time Report & Discussion on Incineration
Environment Minister Dick Roche, Frank Kelleher of CHASE, Indaver Ireland General Manager John Ahern and Dr Paul Connett debate the issue. Contributions also from Dr. Anthony Staines and Dr. Vyvyan Howard.
RTE 1 - Prime Time- 24-02-06

Opposition to Incinerator Expansion
RTE Radio 1 - Morning Ireland - 04-01-06

Would any Minister agree to an incinerator south-west of his home?
RTE 1 - Questions and Answers - 28-11-05

Green light for Cork & Meath incinerators
RTE Radio 1 - This Week - 27-11-05

Licences granted for Meath & Cork incinerators
RTE News (radio and tv) - 25-11-05

EPA publishes Irish dioxin levels report
RTE News (radio and tv) - 19-10-05

Second spillage reported at Cork factory
Cautious welcome for new EPA public reporting procedure
RTE News (radio and tv) - 16-05-05

EPA delays decision on incinerator licence
RTE Radio 1- News at One - 29-07-05

Cork Harbour Polluted Again
RTE Radio 1 - Seascapes - 21-07-05

Calls made to EPA over Cork leakage
RTE News (radio and tv) - 21-07-05

Proposed Meath incinerator may accept national waste
RTE News (radio and tv) - 07-03-05

Hearing into licence for Ringaskiddy incinerator
RTE Radio 1 - Morning Ireland - 14-02-05

Hearing into licence for Cork incinerator begins
RTE 1 - One News - 14-02-05

EPA rejects calls to attend meeting
RTE 1 - Six One News - 14-02-05

EPA board declines to attend incinerator hearing
RTE 1 - Nine News - 14-02-05

Row over planned incinerators continues
Nicholas Loughnan of CHASE (Cork Harbour Alliance for a Safe Environment) and John Ahern, General Manager at Indaver Ireland, debate the incinerator issue
RTE 1 - Five Seven Live- 27-10-04


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