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The Health Effects of Waste Incinerators - Dec 2005
4th Report of the British Society for Ecological Medicine

WHO Fact Sheet - Particulate matter air pollution: how it harms health (pdf)

Chase White Paper On Hazardous Waste Management (pdf)

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Statement on Proposed Two Incinerators (pdf)
Ringaskiddy & District Residents Association Ltd

Waste Incineration: A Dying Technology (pdf)
Global Anti- Incinerator Alliance/Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA)

Municipal Waste Incineration: A Poor Solution For The Twenty First Century (pdf)
Presentation by Dr. Paul Connett

Cork Environmental Alliance Critique of the EPA (pdf)

Incineration myths (pdf) - CHASE

Irish Doctor's Environmental Association - Submission to Health Research Board

Irish Doctors' Environmental Association - Position Paper on Incineration

Irish Doctor's Environmental Association - Letter to SHB

Hazardous Waste - CHASE

Health and Environmental Effects of Landfilling and Incineration of Waste – A Literature Review
(HRB Report) (pdf)

Summary of Research and Development needs - HRB

Incineration and human health - State of Knowledge of the Impacts of Waste Incinerators
on Human Health.
Michelle Allsopp, Pat Costner and Paul Johnston. Greenpeace Research Laboratorie. 2001


Dioxin Home Page - Environmental Justice Activists

Dioxin and Hazardous Waste - CHASE

Dioxin and Agriculture - Chemical Weapons Working Group

Dioxins and their Effect on Human Health - WHO Fact Sheet

Zero Waste

Economic benefits of Zero Waste

Government policy documents

Waste Management Changing our Ways 1998 - Department of Environment (pdf)

Preventing & Recycling Waste - Delivering Change - Department of Environment (pdf)



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