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Embargo until 1st Sept

August 31, 2004


CHASE to Support VOICE Protest in Dublin on Saturday


More than 100 groups from 39 countries across the world have united to launch the 3rd Global Day of Action (Sept 1st 2004) against unsustainable and dangerous waste disposal systems citing the increasing health impacts of polluting waste disposal practices which affect mainly children throughout the world.

Coordinated by the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA)*, this year’s protest highlights recent evidence from the World Health Organization which indicates that more than 3 million children under the age of five are dying each year because of polluted air and water and exposure to other environmental hazards.

“Incineration is a problem for communities across the world.  We in Ireland still have time not to get stuck in the incinerator trap.  The time is right for the Irish government to drop incineration from their waste policy, and use viable safe alternatives together with intensive waste prevention and recycling instead,” said a CHASE spokesperson.

 “To be really blunt about it, the worsening levels of pollution worldwide are killing children. Governments are failing to protect children and the human population at large from harmful chemical assaults resulting from unsustainable and irresponsible practices such as incineration,” according to Von Hernandez, Co-Coordinator, GAIA.

Incinerators are linked to serious environmental health threats. Incineration

Ø      Is responsible for 69 percent of global emissions of the notorious pollutant dioxin which

Ø      Is linked to cancer, immune and reproductive system disorders, birth defects, and other health threats.

Ø      Incineration is also a primary source of mercury, a potent neurotoxin, which builds up in the environment - especially aquatic ecosystems- and affects the brain, spinal cord, kidneys and liver.

Ø      It is especially harmful to pregnant women and children.

Ø      Incinerators perpetuate wasteful and unsustainable production and consumption systems and destroy resources

To mark GAIA Day, CHASE will be participating in Saturday’s VOICE-organized demonstration, which will see communities from across Ireland united. The demonstration will take place in Dublin on Saturday, which will gather at the Garden of Remembrance in Parnell Square at 12.30pm. 

*GAIA is an international coalition across 75 countries of community-based organizations, research and policy advocacy institutions, citizen pressure groups and other nonprofit organizations and individuals working together to promote clean production, zero waste and sustainable discard management systems.

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For further information contact:

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Mary O’Leary, Chairperson, CHASE    Tel: 021 4811952  Mobile: 086 8177737

Will St Ledger, VOICE, Tel: 087 7426821

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