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For immediate release: April 26th, 2002


As the Fianna Fail election manifesto was formally launched yesterday, (April 25, 2002) CHASE representatives protested and distributed literature outside Government buildings as part of a nationwide group rejecting Bertie's BURY and BURN policy for Waste Management.  CHASE were joined by delegates from other national groups and Independent Anti Incineration Candidate for Meath Mr Pat O’Brien.

"We are calling on Fianna Fáil to read the writing on the wall.  Fianna Fail are now isolated as the only political party allowing incineration as part of its Environment policy, with the PDs and Fine Gael rejecting incineration in the last few weeks due to the swelling tide of public opinion." said CHASE Chairman, Sean Cronin.

Mr Cronin continued "Fianna Fail’s reluctance to change policy highlights growing differences with their Coalition partners - the Progressive Democrats. The PDs in their election manifesto commit to ensuring that no mass-burn incineration is introduced into Ireland.*   The Government waste policy is going up in smoke, and it's time to come clean with the people.  The Minister for the Environment should introduce an immediate ban on incineration*”

Local groups affiliated to the National Alliance for Zero Waste – of which CHASE is a member – have had discussions on a local level with various FF TDs all of whom oppose Incineration proposals in their respective constituencies. ‘ Since this number of FF TDs constitutes a huge majority within the parliamentary party it’s difficult to understand why the FF policy remains unchanged’ said Pat O’Brien, the Independent Candidate running in Meath against  Noel Dempsey – the outgoing-minister for the Environment.

CHASE calls on the many anti-incineration Fianna Fail TD’s to have the courage of their convictions and to take the side of the people, and force a change in their party policy.  In Cork South Central, all three Fianna Fail TD’s have publicly stated their opposition to the Ringaskiddy incinerator, or to incineration generally.  They must now demand that Bertie Ahern and Noel Dempsey ban this dangerous policy, which appears to have little political support left.

NOTES: *Concern however has been expressed by anti-incineration groups around Ireland with regard to support in the PD manifesto for a technology known as Refuse-Derived-Fuel (RDF).  This technology, also known as the Herhof process, should be classed as another form of incineration.  Planning permission has been lodged for an RDF incinerator in Balbriggan in Co. Dublin and a number of local authorities are believed to be investigating the process.

* There are two planning applications currently being considered for such mass-burn incinerators, one in Meath, and two in Cork (one for municipal waste and one to cater for all of Ireland 's hazardous waste). Five more are planned under regional waste plans, forced through by the Minister for the Environment, Noel Dempsey in September 2001. 

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