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PRESS RELEASE - December 21, 2004

EPA Leave Loophole To Build Second Incinerator Without Planning

CHASE (Cork Harbour Alliance for a Safe Environment) welcome the announcement by the EPA that it will hold an oral hearing regarding the Waste License for the hazardous waste incinerator at Ringaskiddy, Co Cork.

CHASE has objected to the Draft Waste License on numerous grounds, one of which is the condition which would allow the second 100,000 tonne incinerator to be built in Ringaskiddy without even having to apply for planning permission*. This was discovered on examination of the Planning & Development Regulations 2001 Article 7, under which exempted development rights would appear to apply to the second incinerator.

A spokesperson for CHASE said “We are absolutely horrified that such a large and controversial development could bypass the normal planning application process. Any organization that knowingly leaves such a gaping loophole clearly does not prioritise environmental protection. To leave such a loophole unknowingly is highly incompetent, even negligent.

The EPA have admitted they will not be in a position to monitor human health in the area, and now they have put the local communities in a position where they could have a second incinerator foisted on them with no planning process. It is an outrageous situation.”

CHASE looks forward to having the opportunity to expanding in full on their objections at the Oral Hearing.

----- ENDS ----

* Extract from 2.13 CHASE Objection to EPA Draft Waste Licence: In particular paragraph 3.1 [EPA Draft Licence] appears to require “all infrastructure referred to in the licence application and in this licence” to be established prior to the commencement of the licensed activities. The licence application includes the provision of a second incinerator for municipal waste and the plant has not been the subject of an application under the Planning & Development Acts….The condition in the draft licence would appear to convey exempted development rights under Article 7 of the Planning & Development Regulations 2001 in respect of this second plant and its inclusion within the licence threatens to subvert the democratic planning process in this case.

For further information contact:

Linda FitzPatrick, CHASE PRO 021 4374506 087 7410849
Mary O’Leary, CHASE Chairperson, 021 4811952 Mobile 086 8177737


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