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CHASE PRESS RELEASE - 19 November, 2009

Cork Harbour Alliance for A Safe Environment welcomes the publication of the International Review of Waste Management Policy, which will provide a ‘blueprint’ for change to “achieve a wholly sustainable approach to waste management”, according to Environment Minister, John Gormley, speaking at today’s launch.

The review which recommends a range of levies and policy instruments to move from 'waste management' to 'materials management' favours Mechanical and Biological Treatments (MBT), recycling, landfilling of stabilized biowaste and the utilization of dried pelleted material (SRF) residual from MBT processes as fuel for Cement Kilns.

A CHASE Spokesperson said “If Indaver’s incinerators are built, there will be no room for the development of the options preferred, incentivized and recommended by this policy review. This puts Indaver's speculative solo-run in direct competition with Government policy.”

MBT and the Landfilling of Stabilized Biowaste have been incentivized at rates low in comparison to landfill and incineration in order to direct waste towards these technologies. The report recommends heavy pollutant related taxes on top of a base incineration levy which will put an increased financial burden on incinerator operators, while making it a less attractive disposal option. In contrast, the lack of any levy on SRF burnt in cement kilns will ensure that residue from MBT is directed to incinerators as a very last, and very costly option."

A further blow to the incinerator industry is the classification of all ash as hazardous until proven otherwise through rigorous testing. This will put an end to the dubious practice of selling bottom ash for use as roadfill and in construction, with the report stating,

“ There is an increasing body of evidence which suggests that bottom ash from incineration is eco-toxic. On the basis of this evidence, it seems reasonable to proceed on the basis of the assumption that bottom ash is hazardous until it has been shown to be otherwise......There will be an increase in the costs of dealing with bottom ash if only through the costs of sampling and testing (if these are demonstrably non-hazardous). Where they are hazardous, additional costs would be expected to arise.”

This review represents a clear policy statement and a real movement towards efficient resource utilization. The current target for the An Bord Pleanala decision on the Ringaskiddy Incinerator is 4 December.

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