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Alkaline Hydrolysis

The alkaline hydrolysis process works at elevated temperature to convert the proteins, nucleic acids, and lipids of all cells and tissues, as well as infectious microorganisms, to a sterile aqueous solution of small peptides, amino acids, sugars, and soaps. The alkali itself is consumed in the process by generating the salts of the hydrolysis products. The only byproducts of the process are the mineral constituents (ash) of the bones and teeth of vertebrates. These are soft enough after the organic matter has been degraded to be easily crushed (even by bare hands) and recovered as calcium phosphate powder (sterile bone meal).


  • Alkaline hydrolysis converts animal, human, and microbial tissues into a sterile, neutral, aqueous solution suitable for disposal to a sanitary sewer.
  • Sterilizes and digests in one operation, reducing waste volume and weight by more than 97% and completely destroys pathogens.
  • Operates at a fraction of the cost of an incinerator.
  • Is environmentally responsible; it releases no materials to the atmosphere and the solution produced provides nutrients for the microorganisms in waste water treatment plants and needed alkalinity to offset acidity that results from the sewage biodegradation process.
  • Eliminates radioactivity contaminated tissues and neutralizes toxic fixing agents, cytotoxic agents, and many other toxic compounds. The process not only compares favorably with incineration, but also is free of its potential for air pollution. In fact, all products resulting from the process can be truly biodegraded or recycled without stressing the environment in any way.

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